A list of links and credible sources for your reference.



Center for Public Education:  Explore and learn about current educational issues including Early Childhood Education, Common Core, and Evaluating Performance.

Statistics for Children with Special Needs:  First developed to inform church leaders the increasing number of families with children who are disabled, this site offers an array of statistical information on children with special needs.

Exceptional Family Resources:  Provides information on access to resources, education, support and other information available in the greater San Diego area.

Special Needs Connection:  Where to find free seminars, trainings, fundraisers and other events related to the Special Needs Community. A great meet up website to meet others in the Special Needs Community.

Government Accountability Office (GAO) A report and description of cases of death and abuse at both public and private schools done to students with special needs.

Wrights Law:  An informative website about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. Also includes recent cases and decisions, access to a free advocacy newsletter, books, DVDs, and other websites.

Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH): The OAH provides forms, resources, and general information about the Administrative Law process.


There are federal laws that provide the right to accommodations and services to children with special needs that satisfy the eligibility requirements. These include: